Secret Fashion Tips for Plus-Size Women

enter site For all those women who carry an hour glass body shape, shopping for right clothes might seem to be a big challenge. If you get the right size, the design is not convincing, and then there is some mindset about color combination, which makes it even tough to shop. Fashion is all about freedom to wear what you want with confidence. So, the first thing you should remember is not to go by what is being followed from ages. Wear your own style. Don’t hesitate to buy dresses that in others opinion is ‘not meant for plus size women’. If you fall in the same category and you feel stressed… Read More

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Top 5 Must-Have Fashionable Clothing Most women pay great attention to their outfit when going out for a special occasion, party, wedding or any such ‘it’ event that demands a good chunk of your time and wallet but sadly most of the very same women become slack when it comes to every day wear, be it to school, work or just a casual walk down the park. Become the Hottest Girl of Your Block! Why wouldn’t you want to be well dressed all the time? If you put in the right effort, looking chic and turning into the ‘it’ girl of your block isn’t going to be tough at all! Basically, all it requires is… Read More

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Fashion Tips For Men

cheap sunglasses lyrics Every man has a desire to look fashionable, but he might not have much idea about men’s fashion. Very often, they don’t know or don’t get proper advice on what men can wear to appear professional or what they should not wear so that they do not look outdated or overly styled. Understanding the basics of men’s fashion and implementing knowledge into men’s fashion can help handle this situation. One must know the basics like material used. Good fabrics allow the apparel to withstand wear and tear. What a man is wearing has to be decent and not out of fashion because if it’s out of fashion then it will… Read More

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